Management Team

A Management Team with Vision, Intelligence and Experience.

Global warming is no ordinary problem. It’s the problem of our times – and our children’s times. Solving it will require the efforts of the best minds of our generation. GWSO’s two co-founders are all Ph. D.’s with areas of specialty perfectly matched to the business. All have stellar academic and business credentials and track records. And all have pledge their lives to and staked their reputations on the success of this business and its ability to reverse the deadliest trend on the planet today.

Artem Madatov

Chief Scientific Officer

Artem Madatov was appointed as our Chief Scientist at “Global Warming Solutions”, Inc. on June 27, 2008. Mr.Madatov has been a private investor focusing on the technology of the conversion of renewable energy and energy of carbonaceous wastes. Madatov is Ph.D. in chemical engineering, and has more than 25 inventions. A.Madatov has 30 years of experience in the development, building and exploitation of chemical and energetical plants.

New projects which are developed by A. Madatov
  1. Utilization of mixed waste plastic into row materials for new plastic production.
  2. Innovative sorbent for oil spill elimination.
  3. New robot for diamond cutting.
  4. Computer system for non-removable marking and instant identification of objects.

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